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Automotive PVC Cable


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Explore Macson’s Automotive PVC Cable, the perfect solution for a wide range of automotive wiring needs. Our comprehensive selection, designed with meticulous attention to quality, delivers the performance and reliability your vehicles deserve.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Single Core Options: Macson’s PVC Cable comes in single core sizes ranging from 0.65mm to 10mm. With amperage ratings spanning from 5.75 amps to 70 amps, our cables cater to various applications, ensuring your vehicle’s electrical system is in top-notch condition.
  • Vibrant Colour Options: On our single core cables express yourself and enhance organization with our cables available in an array of colours. From classic choices to vibrant options, our PVC cables provide both functionality and a touch of personalization.
  • Flat Twin Configuration: Our PVC Cable extends its versatility with 2 core flat twin options, ranging from 0.65mm to 4.5mm. This configuration is ideal for streamlined and organized wiring setups in your automotive projects.
  • Multicore Solutions: Our multicore cables, available in 3 to 7 cores, provide a comprehensive solution for intricate wiring systems. Choose our PVC Cable for reliability and performance in diverse automotive applications.

At Macson, our commitment to quality, customer service, and competitive pricing has been the cornerstone of our family business since 1982. We love to look after our customers and go the extra mile.

Ignite the potential of your automotive electrical systems with Macson’s Automotive PVC Cable. Explore our collection now for precision, versatility, and the superior quality your projects deserve.

Shop now or contact us for personalized assistance with your automotive PVC cable needs.