Experience efficiency with Macson’s premium automotive low voltage cable. Since 1982, we’ve been trusted for high-quality solutions in automotive and marine sectors. Our focus is on meticulously designed cables, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Our automotive low voltage battery cables, ranging from 16mm to 150mm, minimize energy loss during power distribution. They offer robust connectivity vital for seamless operation in various conditions.

Choose from flexible thin-wall cables, ideal for tight spaces. Available in single, twin, and multicore variants, they’re versatile and lightweight, with a wide range of colours.

Opt for classic PVC cables, highly favoured in the vehicle industry. Available in single, twin, and multicore variants, they cater to diverse needs with a vast selection of colours.

For enhanced audio, our speaker cables deliver superior sound quality. Precision-designed, they enrich entertainment experiences with high-fidelity audio reproduction.

At Macson, our commitment goes beyond cables. We conduct rigorous testing, adhere to industry standards, and pursue innovation relentlessly. Our cables undergo meticulous quality checks, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.

Trust Macson’s expertise to elevate your automotive and marine systems. Our dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation makes our cables the benchmark for excellence. Upgrade to Macson for unmatched performance and reliability.